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Mature family businesses use diversification not only to minimize risk in their companies but also to explore new profit centers. In this episode, Ted Resnick, who owns Flemington Department Store with his brother,  reveals how diversification helped his family business grow across three generations. See More >>

Melick's Town Farm

Your chances of successfully transitioning your family business to the next generation become much better when you start the process early. In this episode, George Melick discusses how his family business has continued to flourish for nearly 300 years. See More >>

A strong leadership strategy can help transition a family business from one generation to next, even under difficult circumstances. In this episode, Michael Kaufman, President of Cox Printers, discusses the winning strategy his father used that helped him successfully take over the helm. See More >>

Cost Segregation Study

A cost segregation study can help a building owner increase their cash flow by accelerating the depreciation deductions on a property. Norbert Crabtree, a Business Development Specialist with CSP360, discusses why family business owners, who own their buildings, should consider this strategy. See More >>

Business identity theft

According to a study done by Javelin Strategy and Research, 13.1 million Americans were victims of identity fraud in 2013. Beyond personal identity theft, criminals are also masterminding business identity theft. In this episode, Daniel Moore, a CPA and founder of D.T. Moore and Company, explores business identity theft and its effect on family businesses. See More >>

Selling the family business

The decision to ultimately sell your family business involves many different factors, including family dynamics, market forces, business environment, and the financial situation of the owners involved. Michael V. Bourland, founding shareholder of Bourland, Wall & Wenzel, P.C, discusses the different issues and questions to consider once the decision to sell the family business has been made. See More >>

Captive Insurance Company

Captive insurance companies have been used for decades by large companies and organizations to manage risk. Due to recent guidance from the IRS, more and more family businesses are using captives. In this interview, Peter Strauss, Managing Member of the Strauss Law Firm, discusses what a captive insurance company is, why you should consider forming one, and the benefits to a family business owner. See More >>

Succession planning for family business

Before you even consider transitioning the ownership and leadership of your family business, a fundamental question needs to be asked. Is the current business model sustainable for the next generation? Domenick Celentano, founder of Celentano and Company, presents an elegant framework for making that decision. See More >>

gifting your family vacation home
Vacation homes hold a sacred place in our hearts in that they encompass our most cherished memories as a family. It’s no wonder that many family business owners want to preserve those memories for generations by gifting the home to their children. In this episode, David Handler, partner with Kirkland & Ellis in Chicago, looks at the advantages of gifting a home, crucial issues to consider before making the gift, and some popular ways to transfer the home. See More >>

Transitioning familly business while staying control

Many family business owners are reluctant to begin the succession planning process because they do not want to give up control of their businesses. Estate Planning Attorney, Randy Gardner, discusses how family limited partnerships (FLPs) can help transition the ownership of the business, while allowing the senior generation to maintain control. See More >>